Crumbling Foundations

Crumbling Foundations

Thousands of homes, duplexes and apartment buildings in northern and eastern Connecticut and lower parts of Massachusetts face crumbling / deteriorating basement walls due to foundations made of concrete aggregate material containing pyrrhotite, an iron sulfide mineral. 

Pyrrhotite has been found in a quarry in northeastern Connecticut that provided concrete aggregate for construction projects in the region. 

The mineral destroys foundations and causes serious structural problems. This is because of a chemical reaction that occurs when pyrrhotite is exposed to oxygen and water, causing swelling, cracking, and flaking of the concrete, ultimately resulting in crumbling foundation walls. 

Cracking, flaking, bowing, and separation of the concrete has appeared in foundations built as far back as the early 1980s, with damage taking a decade or more to appear.  

There is really no way to repair the foundation. The only permanent remedy is to completely replace the foundation.

DeVooght House Lifters can replace a compromised foundation. With more than 50 years of house lifting and shoring excellence, we can quickly and efficiently get your home back on stable footings. 
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