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7 Tips for Finding the Best Disaster Recovery Specialist

It’s an understatement to declare that it’s never a good time for a disaster. But the fact is, disasters happen, and they happen often. After a fire, flood, or other catastrophic event has passed, what’s next? You need to find a disaster recovery specialist, and you need to find the best one.

Finding the best disaster recovery specialist, especially one that can come to you on a very short notice after a major catastrophe, might be difficult and overwhelming. But it’s not impossible. When you know what to look for, finding a disaster recovery company who can meet your specific needs—and do a great job—doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve compiled a list of seven tips to help you find the very best disaster recovery specialist.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Before you open your wallet, you’ll want to see if your insurance covers the damage caused by the disaster. If they do, ask if they have disaster recovery specialists that they often work with. They might be able to give you a list of companies that their other clients regularly use. Even if your insurance company doesn’t cover the damages, they could still provide you with recovery contractors for you to choose from.

2. Utilize Word of Mouth Recommendations

If someone has a good experience with a business—and especially if they don’t—you’ll know it. Word of mouth recommendations can be one of your best resources when you’re looking for the best disaster recovery specialist in your area. Personal recommendations allow you to have a more nuanced idea of how a disaster recovery specialist operates while on the job, as well as how they treat their clients, how timely they are with communication, etc. Plus, if the recommendation comes from a trusted source, like a friend or coworker, you can know that they’re telling the truth about their experience.

3. Confirm Credentials

Does the recovery specialist you’re researching list their credentials on their website? Are they suspiciously vague? For example, do they make the claim that they’re “Voted Best in the State”? Beware of claims like this with no real backing or evidence. This suggests companies are simply using flowery language to draw you in. If they’re deceptive on their site, chances are, they’ll use deceptive practices when they come to address your disaster damages.

4. Determine if They Specialize in Your Issue

When choosing a disaster recovery specialist, you want to make sure they specialize in the kind of recovery efforts you’re looking for. Let’s say a tree fell on your home. Just because a recovery company has excellent reviews for smoke remediation services, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best when it comes to tree removal, water damage services, and general contracting and repairs. You’ll want to determine with certainty that the disaster recovery company you choose are experts in the issues and damages you’re facing.

5. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are one of the best ways to learn about a company of any kind, and especially a disaster recovery specialist. When people call upon these companies, they’re usually in a desperate state and in need of excellent, kind service. If they don’t get it, they’ll usually hit companies where it hurts: online reviews.

Apart from the blunt honesty of online reviews, one of the great benefits is that each review is date stamped. This allows you to see the level of service that was provided as well as the date it was provided. If a company has excellent ratings from a few years ago, but over the last few months has received dozens of terrible reviews, you’ll know to stay away.

6. Are They Endorsed?

An endorsement from a local or even national government organization can go a long way for the reputation of a disaster recovery specialist. If a company has done work for government bodies, local organizations, or other agencies, and those agencies have written endorsements on their behalf, you can trust that the services provided are top notch.

7. How Long Have They Been Around?

When searching out disaster recovery specialists, consider how long they’ve been in business. The longer they’ve been around, the more recovery work they’ve done, and the more experience they have. Now, just because a company is new, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t do good work. And just because a company has decades of experience, that doesn’t automatically make them the top choice. But when considered among the other tips we’ve listed, the age of a company can be a good indicator of who might provide the best services.


In a perfect world, you’ll never have to call on a disaster recovery specialist. But in the event of a disaster, and in the event that you do incur damage, considering our tips will help you choose the best disaster recovery specialist in your area.

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