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House Lifting Services

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Structural Elevation & Lifting Services

Providing professional structural elevation and house lifting services for more than 55 years, DeVooght House Lifters has built an enviable reputation as a leader in lifting houses to mitigate the chance of flood damage for houses located on or near any coastal waterway.

For the millions of homeowners living along U.S. coastlines, including the Great Lakes, elevation may be the key to preventing damage from flooding due to rain and storm surges.

One of the most common retrofitting methods for homes is elevation. Structural elevation generally involves lifting the home off the existing foundation or slab and building a new foundation or extending the existing one higher.

The main living area should sit above most flood levels when a home is properly elevated. Several elevation techniques are available and may be dictated by the base flood elevation requirements and local zoning requirements.

If you live in a moderate to high-risk flood area, you may have to elevate your home to meet your community’s minimum elevation regulations for construction. It is necessary to check with your local building officials before rebuilding in a flood zone, even in areas where the base flood elevation has not been established.

In some cases, homes and businesses in special flood hazard areas below base flood elevation and found to be substantially damaged must be elevated before a repair permit can be issued, per National Flood Insurance Program requirements.

We can help you accomplish the following:

  • Lift your house and replace the foundation
  • Move your house or an entire structure
  • Raise your house off its foundation
  • Raise your house onto pilings
  • Jack your house up
  • Elevate your house that’s on a slab

We can also help with the following construction types:

  • Lifting a Platform Frame Home
  • Lifting a Balloon Frame Home
  • Lifting a Wood Frame Home
  • Lifting a Timber Frame Home
  • Lifting a Wood Panels (SIP) Home
  • Lifting a Manufactured Home
  • Lifting an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Home
  • Lifting a Concrete Masonry Units Home
  • Lifting a Steel Stud Home

DeVooght House Lifters has locations in North CarolinaSouth Carolina, and Wisconsin, so we can quickly and efficiently get your home back on stable footing.

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I wanted to take a minute to thank you, Don, David, Jason, Zach, and all of your guys that worked on our house. DeVooght House Lifters made an otherwise difficult, stressful, and traumatic process simple and painless and minimally invasive to the existing structure.

The work ethic and professionalism of all those involved with lifting our home is something to be applauded and Jeannine and I thank you very much.

Whenever someone asks about the project and the lift itself, we just tell them to to call DeVooght and to not bother calling anyone else because they won’t find anyone better.

The Nerney’s
Brick, New Jersey

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