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South Carolina House Raising Services

Professionalism and innovation when it comes to lifting and saving houses in South Carolina and its coast.

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South Carolina House Raising Services

Are you searching for a house lifting company in South Carolina that provides award-winning house raising services to mitigate flood risk or restore flooded homes?

Why Use DeVooght House Lifters

DeVooght house lifters in North Myrtle Beach, SC, has over 45 years of helping families in South Carolina jack up their houses and raise them off the foundation. They’ve won numerous awards and helped save families thousands of dollars before floods and restore lives to normal after a flood has damaged their homes.

The DeVooght team uses state-of-the-art building lifting technology and their award-winning South Carolina house-raising techniques to raise your house off its foundation and minimize the risk of flood damage during a storm.

Why Raise Your South Carolina Home?

If you’re near a flood plain or on the South Carolina shore, raising your home onto pilings can save you thousands on your SC flood insurance policy each year. In as little as two years, what you’ll save on your flood insurance policy will more than pay for what it will cost to lift your house.

We can help:

  • Lift your SC house and replace the foundation
  • Move your SC house or an entire structure
  • Raise your SC house off its foundation
  • Raise your SC house onto pilings
  • Jack up your SC home
  • Elevate your SC house on a slab

SC Coastal Cities Where We Have Helped

  • Hilton Head Island House Lifting
  • Port Royal House Lifting
  • Charleston House Lifting
  • Mt. Pleasant House Lifting
  • Myrtle Beach House Lifting
  • North Myrtle Beach House Lifting
  • Georgetown House Lifting

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