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6 Things to Consider While Shopping for a Coastal Home

Buying a coastal home is a big commitment, but knowing what to look for can be an investment with significant payoffs. In this article, the team at DeVooght House Lifters lists six things to consider while shopping for a coastal home. Read on to learn more. 

Decks and Patios

There’s a lot to love about coastal towns. You’ve got great restaurants. You’re close to the ocean. And there are likely a ton of activities no matter your age or interests.

But at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself at home. You want this space to be a place of rest and relaxation, not of stress and worry. Whether you live alone or plan to use your home to entertain family and friends, you’ll want to choose a coastal home with a shaded deck or patio.

Decks are must-haves for your home on the coast. A covered deck lets you take in the breeze while relieving the hot summer sun. A great deck is a perfect place for dinner and drinks on a cool afternoon. It’s also a must if you are considering installing a hot tub. Additionally, a patio or porch on the opposite side of your home serves as a calm, peaceful spot to begin your day.

When shopping for your home on –– or near –– the water, remember that you’ll likely want to spend time at home relaxing. The right outdoor spaces will make you fall in love with your house day in and day out.

Proximity to the Water

If you’re shopping for a coastal home, you want to be near the ocean or sound. Before you get serious about house shopping, determine your desired proximity to the water.

  • Do you want to be within walking distance of a beach access point?
  • Is it important that you’re close to downtown, or would you rather be just a short drive to the pier?
  • Do you have a favorite fishing spot that you want easy access to?

These are helpful questions to ask as you begin the search for your coastal home. Coastal towns vary, with some being high-energy and others bringing the warmth and intimacy of a small town. All have some proximity to the water.

As you discuss your wants with your realtor, decide how close you want to be to the water. If this is a non-negotiable, don’t compromise! Be patient, and wait until you find a property that meets your location wants and needs.

Structural Integrity

Structural soundness is an important factor in any home purchase. But it’s vital if you’re in the market for a coastal home. When checking out potential coastal homes, you’ll want to hire an inspector to check the integrity of every aspect of your home –– especially the foundation.

The foundation should be deep enough to withstand erosion and strong enough to hold against relentless storm winds. Siding should be moisture and decay resistant to mitigate the salty sea air damage.

Any home you consider should have strong external connections like roof-to-wall, foundation-to-wall, and wall-to-wall connections. And while these are standard code requirements for many coastal towns, if you’re considering a beach-house fixer-upper, you’ll want to have your inspector check out these connections.

Height Above Sea Level

According to local municipal codes, most coastal homes are built at a minimum height above sea level. If an older home doesn’t meet height requirements, you could be subject to over-the-top insurance premiums that you weren’t expecting.

Additionally, a raised foundation prevents potential flood damage: a realistic possibility on the coast. Once you begin the home-buying journey, you might find the perfect home that ticks all your boxes in the ideal location. The only issue is the home’s height.

By working with a structural contractor, you can have your coastal home lifted to mitigate flood damage, decrease insurance costs, and protect your home against storm surges. Sometimes, a house is nearly perfect. And with a foundation lift, it can become the coastal home of your dreams. 

Outdoor Storage

Any home needs adequate storage. When shopping for a coastal home, you’ll want to ensure your potential house has accessible outdoor storage for both small and large beach toys.

Property and lot size are in high demand in many coastal towns. If you have outdoor toys like jet skis or a boat, make sure you’re considering properties with the space to store them. You can likely find storage facilities that specialize in catering to homeowners with watersport storage needs. But if you can commit now to only considering homes with adequate storage that meets your needs, you’ll find that bringing the boat out for a Sunday morning ride is much more convenient –– and enjoyable!

Additionally, you will need space to store coolers, chairs, umbrellas, life jackets, and other small water toys, like floats. Don’t neglect your need for storage when shopping for a coastal home!

Ample Entertaining Space

Is there anything more perfect than owning your dream home in your favorite coastal town? Having enough entertaining and hosting space will make your investment worth it.


You will undoubtedly enjoy all the benefits of having a coastal home. But you will likely want to share your space with friends, family, and maybe rental guests. While shopping for your coastal home, only consider houses with ample entertaining space.

You want plenty of room to mingle, relax, play, and entertain –– and so do your guests! Make sure you’re shopping for a home with enough square footage to comfortably meet your needs and wants.


There are few things more gratifying than home ownership –– especially when that home is a coastal property! Coastal home ownership comes with a unique list of considerations, but when you find that perfect place, you’ll have years of enjoyment to look forward to!

If you’re shopping for a coastal home, know that the team at DeVooght House Lifters has the experience and expertise to handle your structural relocation and contracting needs. We will work with you to ensure your home is safe and secure. Contact our team today to learn how we can help preserve your coastal home for years to come.

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