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Foundation Repair Services For Damaged Foundations

Expertise to fix your foundation issues with professionalism, safety, innovation, and dedication.

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Foundation Repair

Need to correct foundation and/or basement damage from water leaks, flooding, deteriorating foundations, and cave-ins? Thinking about replacing an old stone foundation or crawl space with a more functional living area?  With foundation repair locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Wisconsin, we can help you fix and replace your current home foundation. We offer the following foundation repair services.

Replace A Damaged Foundation

Before you hire a basement repair specialist, contact DeVooght. We offer an affordable alternative to correcting damage from water leaks, flooding, and deteriorating foundations.

Fix Pyrrhotite Foundation Issues

Thousands of homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings in northern and eastern Connecticut and lower parts of Massachusetts face crumbling and deteriorating basement walls due to foundations made of concrete aggregate material containing pyrrhotite, an iron sulfide mineral.

The mineral destroys foundations and causes serious structural problems. This is because of a chemical reaction that occurs when pyrrhotite is exposed to oxygen and water, causing swelling, cracking, and flaking of the concrete, ultimately resulting in crumbling foundation walls. The only permanent remedy is to completely replace the foundation.

Permanently Correct Water Problems

Many older homes were simply built too low. No matter how many exterior drainage systems you install, the long-lasting way to fix the problem permanently is to elevate your home, extend your foundation, and slope the backfill away from the house.

Add Usable Square Footage to Your Home

Convert your crawlspace or traditional basement into a comfortable and inviting living space by elevating your home and extending your existing foundation. Many of our clients have doubled their living space with this creative and smart way to add square feet and increase the value of their homes.

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