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Airplane Hangar Relocation – 5 Tips for Moving Airplane Hangars

The title of this article might be a surprise to you. Did you know that moving your airplane hangar is not only an option, but it is an extremely efficient way to get it from one location to the next. If you have a small hangar, there is no need to go through the hassle of taking it apart, loading it onto a truck, keeping all of the parts organized, and the reassembling it at its new location.

Moving your airplane hangars in one piece is a great option, and by following the five steps below, you can ensure that transport goes off without a hitch.

Get Clearance

No matter where you are moving your hangar to or from, you need to make sure the powers that be who own or operate the airfield where your hangar sits know you want to move it. You will need to fill out all of the required paperwork if moving to or from a private airfield.

By getting clearance, you are also being respectful of other pilots who have hangars at your present or future location. They will be able to know the day of your move and what to expect as far as temporary shutdowns are concerned, if they’re necessary, on the day of.

If you are moving a hangar from a private location, like from one field to another to house your crop dusters, then you won’t have to jump through as many hoops as if you are transporting your personal hangar from one private airfield to another. No matter where your hangar will sit, take every step to make sure you have the clearances you need.

Be Mindful of Your Location

When moving your airplane hangar, safety is paramount. Regardless of where you are moving your hangar to or from, take every precaution to keep the moving crew, other pilots, and anyone else at the airport or on the road safe. If you are moving from a public airpark, let the facilities and other pilots know. Give them plenty of time to prepare for you to take up space as you move your hangar.

If you are in a more rural location or on private property, you still need to be aware of your surroundings. Take note of possible obstructions, like electric lines or poles, and let the transportation crew know. If you are moving your hangar from or to farmland, make sure all livestock are put away.

Check Local or State Regulations

Depending on the location of your hangar, you will need to make sure that your hangar meets the regulations put in place by the jurisdictions and airports where you will relocate it. Airports and hangars are highly regulated, and each airport or airpark has its own regulations.

Make sure you are compliant with both removal and relocation of your hangar. Most locations regulate both building codes and hangar usage. Double-check the rules of your new location so you are meeting all of the standards set in place.

Give Yourself Time to Empty the Hangar

This is an obvious tip, but as with most moves, the moving day for your airplane hangar can sneak up on you. If you’re like most other pilots with hangars, your hangar houses much more than just your plane. When moving day arrives, you won’t have time for last minute packing and cleaning. Give yourself plenty of time to clean out your hangar and prepare it for transportation. When packing and cleanup is complete, ensure you have all of the electricity disconnected and your hangar is safe to move.

Make Sure Everything Is Secure before the Move

Anytime you move something as large as a hangar, there is a lot of opportunity for parts to come loose and fall off. By taking time to make sure your hangar is secure, you can prevent screws—or worse—from falling out and getting lost during transport.

We recommend giving your hangar a thorough inspection before the move. Carefully inspect your structure to ensure that every screw is tight and none of its pieces are even mildly loose. If everything is solid before it is placed on the truck, you don’t have to worry about things falling off during transport.

Moving your airplane hangar is certainly a big undertaking. It’s crucial that you have all of the correct clearances from both the present location and the future destination, if necessary, so that you can not only move your hangar, but so that the move goes off without a hitch. Take advantage of these tips and transport your airplane hangar with ease.

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