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Apartment Building Relocation – 165 Tons Resting On 49,000lbs Of Beams

What weighs 165 tons and is resting on 49,000 lbs. of our signature orange steel beams? A 2-story apartment building located in Cape May, New Jersey.

Why was it moved?

The 2-story apartment building had to be temporarily moved to the open lot next door to allow for the installation of a new wood piling foundation. The structure measured about 50′ x 60′ and was separated and lifted off the existing foundation using 16 JSJS crib jacks.

While the crew had to contend with five days of rain and less-than-ideal job site conditions, they made great progress setting all the steel under the structure.

Once the piling foundation was completed, the crew returned to roll the 165-ton building  back to its permanent home!


While you may recall seeing a few social media posts about this Cape May, New Jersey, project we worked at on Stockton Place, just steps from the Atlantic Ocean.  We are thrilled to share this time-lapse video of the “lift and roll” process.

Starting with the arrival of our equipment; prepping the building and the open lot next door; to rolling the building off the existing foundation so that a new wood piling foundation system could be installed … this video captures the process perfectly and showcases another great project completed by our hard-working and dedicated DeVooght elevation team.

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