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Does Moving a Building or House Reduce Its Structural Integrity?

You might want to relocate a building or your home for many reasons. And you’re likely weighing the risks of structural damage that your house might incur in the process. Thankfully, moving a home or building doesn’t have to reduce its structural integrity.

Below, we explain how and why structural damage occurs in relocations and how you can avoid it in your own move.

What Causes Structural Issues in Moving a House?

You may have heard horror stories of magnificent houses seeing severe structural issues after a move. Sloping floors, windows that stick, and cracks in the walls and ceilings indicate damage resulting from moving your home. Unfortunately, in some unfortunate cases, people choose to have their home or historic structure moved only to realize that their moving contractor left them with significant structural damage.

A few factors cause structural issues when moving a house. If your contractor misplaces equipment, the weight of the home will be unevenly distributed, causing strain on its structure. Lifting the house too quickly will also result in structural issues. The house needs time to settle as it’s lifted from its foundation. A rushed job will lead to costly problems and headaches!

Thankfully, these problems aren’t common, and you can easily avoid them by choosing the right house movers.

Can You Successfully Relocate All Kinds of Buildings?

With the right equipment and the right house moving contractor, any home can be moved. As you can imagine, some buildings are easier to relocate than others. For example, a square home made of brick will be much easier to lift and transport than a 100-year-old, oddly-shaped mansion made of aging concrete.

But don’t let your home’s age or materials prevent you from seeking out relocation help. At DeVooght House Lifters, we can move your home safely and securely. Using hydraulic jack systems, we slowly and carefully lift your home, ensuring its structural integrity remains intact.

Each home is unique. That’s why DeVooght House Lifters treats every relocation project with extreme attention to detail. Whether your home is wooden, brick, concrete, or anything else, and if it’s ten years old or 150 years old, we work to move your home with as little damage as possible.

Our team confidently brings decades of experience to each project. We move homes with the knowledge that, for our clients, the house is more than simply a structure. It’s where you’ve built your life. That’s why we take every precaution to ensure you enjoy a smooth house-moving experience. When the project is complete, you can trust that your home’s structural integrity will be as robust as ever.

Choosing a House Moving Company You Can Trust

Choosing the right moving contractor is the best thing you can do to preserve your home’s or building’s structural integrity. Working with professional, experienced house movers gives you the peace of mind that your home is in good hands whether you’re moving across town or the state.

DeVooght House Lifters leads the house moving and lifting industry with more than 55 years of experience. Our team has served many clients over the years, moving their homes to their new locations with their perfect structural integrity intact.

When you choose your house moving contractor, you must choose someone with the right equipment and the know-how to use it correctly for your project. Before setting up any equipment, our crew does a thorough evaluation of your home’s weight and architecture. Prepping on the front end ensures the entirety of the move goes smoothly.

The DeVooght team possesses the expertise to position the moving equipment correctly, so your home’s structure remains intact. Every beam must be in the perfect position to ensure your home is transported successfully. Choosing a company like DeVooght House Lifters puts your structure in the perfect position for smooth transport to its new location.

Your house lifting contractor is the number one factor that influences the safety of your relocation project. The ideal house mover prioritizes not only structural integrity but safety as well. A lift is only successful if executed with zero injuries or incidents. At DeVooght House Lifters, we plan your house move to preserve structural integrity and promote the safety of everyone involved.


Relocating your home to a new property doesn’t have to result in structural issues. Working with DeVooght House Lifters provides you with the peace of mind that only our professional, experienced team can bring. Our long list of happy customers (and structurally sound success stories) proves we’re the right team to get your home or building relocated.

If you’re ready to discuss moving options for your home or other structure, contact our team today.

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