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5 Tips for Lifting or Moving an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Home

Moving or lifting your home is a feat –– and quite a sight! Every home is different, and some builds require unique approaches to ensure the project is successfully executed.

Our house-lifting and structural relocation experts here at DeVooght House Lifters have come together to give you our top five tips for lifting or moving insulated concrete from home.

Expectations for Renovations

Insulated concrete form homes are durable, energy-efficient, and able to withstand extreme acts of nature. They’re the ideal long-term home.

However, additions and renovations are costly. Because the forms are interlocking, it’s extremely difficult to add rooms or restructure ICF homes. When moving or lifting your home, make sure you have realistic expectations for the level of renovations that can take place.

If you’re moving or lifting your home to add living space, your best option is to add a ground floor beneath the existing structure. This allows for you to add more square footage to your home without jumping through the hoops of an ICF home renovation project.

Below-grade ICF Precautions

ICF homes are built in two fashions: above grade and below grade. Most above-grade ICF homes have no issues with water seepage or leaking or deterioration that can result from the two. But some below-grade ICF homes see water issues that can disrupt house moving or lifting plans.

Below-grade builds can pose problems for homeowners. If the walls aren’t correctly waterproofed, their structural integrity could be compromised. This problem could severely alter the course of your home’s lift or move.

If your ICF home is below grade, you’ll want to ensure it’s inspected by a specialist before you commence with your project. Raising a home on a fragile foundation will result in safety issues and repairs costs that, if not addressed now, can result in serious consequences down the road.

ICF Foundations

Whether you’re relocating or simply lifting your ICF home, you’ll need to have a new foundation. Most ICF homeowners want their house resting on an ICF foundation. This will require extensive planning and preparation for the foundation to be ready by the day of your project.

Thankfully, once you’ve secured a contractor specializing in ICF forms, construction is fairly quick. When planning a budget for your ICF house lift, remember to include calculations for an ICF foundation.

At the New Location

Once your home is at your new property, there’s still much to be done. After your contractor has finished the new foundation, the home can be lowered and put into place.

At this point, your contractor can begin connecting utilities, like sewer, water, electricity, and gas lines. You will also need to inspect your home for any damage or cracking it incurred during the move.

Even expertly poured reinforced concrete can crack. You should expect small instances of cracking in your home; this is typical of any ICF home relocation. You can hire an inspector to give your home a thorough once-over, so you can make repairs. This final step in your ICF home move will give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your home at its new location.

Experience Matters

ICF homes have only recently become popular among homeowners. ICF houses are more expensive than traditional wood-framed homes, and they utilize technology that most people are yet familiar with.

However, the upfront costs pay off in the end. ICF homes are energy-efficient, and because the reinforced concrete is highly durable, repair costs typically stay low. The dwellings are built to last. In theory, an ICF home could remain standing –– and livable –– for hundreds of years.

When the time comes to move or lift your ICF home, you want to work with experts. ICF homes are relatively new, and lifting one requires know-how, equipment, and experience to ensure the project is a success.

At DeVooght House Lifters, we have seen, moved, and lifted it all. You want your ICF home in good hands. Our team brings more than four decades of house lifting expertise to the table, and we can execute your vision for a house lift or relocation. We have specialized, top-of-the-line equipment to ensure your ICF home is safely moved wherever you’d like, whether that be across town or across state lines.

Your home is your biggest investment. When relocating or lifting your ICF home, make sure you’ve got the best team on your side. DeVooght House Lifters is happy to meet your ICF structural relocation needs.


Lifting or moving an ICF home is an ideal way to preserve its value, protect it from flood damage, and even add more living space. These projects require significant investments of time, money, and even emotion. Partnering with DeVooght House Lifters takes the stress and uncertainty away from your ICF home relocation or raising.

Our team is ready to answer your questions and walk you through the process, keeping you in the know throughout the duration of your project. Our expertise and experience deliver satisfactory results to our clients every time.

Contact DeVooght House Lifters today, and one of our team members will get you started on your ICF house project!

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