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5 Tips for Lifting or Moving a Platform Frame Home

Lifting your platform frame home or moving it to a new location entirely is a significant undertaking. You’ll need a solid plan and, of course, expert moving contractors who have experience working with your specific home type.

When considering a lift or relocation, you need to know what the process will involve, and you want to be as prepared as possible before the project day. Below are our top five tips for lifting or moving a platform frame home.

What is a Platform Frame Home?

Platform framing is one of the most common framing methods for residential construction as well as for small commercial structures that have multiple levels.

The first step in platform frame construction is creating the foundation. After the platform frame for a floor is placed, the builder then places the wall frames on top of it. If the structure has multiple floors or levels, the platform framing is built on top of the first-story walls, and then the wall frames are placed atop the second-level floor.

Platform framing offers many advantages to builders and homeowners alike. Primarily, this method of construction offers higher durability and structural integrity, making it the ideal choice for contractors.

Now that we know how platform framing works, let’s discuss tips for lifting or moving your platform frame home.

Tips for Lifting or Moving Your Platform Frame Home

You don’t want to go into this project unprepared. Our house-moving experts have compiled the five most important aspects of relocating or lifting your home so you can have every detail accounted for when it’s go time. 

Notify Your Mortgage Company

One of the most overlooked steps in house lifting and relocation is notifying the lender of the move. Your mortgage company puts significant financial investment into your home. And if you’re still paying a mortgage, they are technically part owners of your house or structure. If this is the case, you need to notify your mortgage company before relocating your home.

You’re responsible for making your lender aware of any changes that alter the address as listed on your deed. Neglect disclosing this information, and your lender can legally require you to pay the remainder of your mortgage.

Relocating your platform frame home is a big move both literally and figuratively. You need to let your mortgage company know this is your desire and then get their approval in writing. Then and only then should you proceed with planning the relocation.

Plan for a New Foundation

Regardless of whether you’re lifting your platform frame home a few feet or moving it to a new town entirely, you’ll need to plan for a new foundation. You have a few options for your foundation, and it’s best to discuss with your general contractor which options will be best for you both structurally and financially.

In many lifts, the foundation can be built under the house while it’s in the air. And for many moves, the foundation is simply built before the home or structure is relocated.

Work Out Your Route

If you’re lifting your platform frame home, you don’t have to worry about clearance and routes. But when you move your home from its current property to a new one, you need to think about the route you’re going to take and ensure the path is safe and can be navigated by your moving contractor.

Money spent on clearing your moving route can quickly add up. As your home travels down the road to your new property, there’s a chance you’ll encounter overhead utility lines as well as other structures that will need to be lifted or moved,

Depending on the size of your home, you could find that it hangs over the road and brushes against trees. You might need to have trees cleared from the path before you can proceed with the move.

Prepare the Platform Frame Structure for the Move

Before you can move or even lift your platform frame structure, make sure the utilities are disconnected and all wires and plumbing safely secured. Any pipes in the crawl space or basement must be removed from beneath the floor joists.

You’ll also need to remove fencing, landscaping, and other yard décor or structures that might get in the way of your contractor’s equipment.

Choose Your Moving Contractor Wisely

The final (and most important) tip for lifting or moving your platform frame home is to choose your moving contractor wisely. You want to work with a lifter and mover with experience handling platform frame homes. DeVooght House Lifters brings decades of experience to your project, handling every board with care. Our team knows how your platform frame home is built and knows the best way to get it from point A to point B. We promise to carefully execute your move with the highest level of professionalism.

If you’re exploring lifting your platform frame structure or moving it to a new property, contact our team. We’re happy to answer your questions and get started on your project today!

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