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What You Need to Know about Slab Separation Home Lifts

There are many methods that structural movers and home lifting contractors use when lifting your house. A slab separation lift is a great option if you want to raise your home and still utilize the original concrete slab. In this article, we outline everything you need to know about slab separation lifts and how you can know if it’s the right option for your home.

What is a Slab Separation Lift

Just like the name suggests, a slab separation lift is a method of house lifting in which the concrete slab foundation is separated from the walls of your home. Your house is then raised without the slab. In order to support the walls and floor of your now elevated home, your contractor will build concrete columns or piers and a new subfloor, along with creating either a new livable first level, crawlspace, or basement. Or, if you’re just raising your home a few inches to avoid water damage, your contractor might opt to simply add another layer of concrete to your foundation.

How does it work?

To begin, your lifting contractor will secure lifts under your home’s walls. Inch by inch, the team will jack up your house so that it is raised slowly and evenly until it’s at the level you want. Once the walls of your home are at the desired height, your general contractor will then build a new subfloor. Your contractors will also determine how best to support your home’s walls once they’re raised. Many times, this means that concrete piers are poured and built upon the original slab foundation.

Once the piers are set—or, if they’re not made out of concrete, once they’re securely installed—your contractors will lower the walls of your home onto the new piers. Then, they will finish the outside with brick or siding, or whatever materials you choose.

In some cases, a slab separation lift is just a few inches. In other cases, the home is raised high enough for a new first floor to be added. Whatever you choose to have done, it’s at this point that your general contractor will finish the work on your home in order to make the newly created space livable.

Why Choose a Slab Separation Home Lifting Service

A slab separation lift is just one of the many ways you can have your home literally lifted off the ground. There are countless reasons you might choose to have your home lifted. You might be in a flood-prone area and you want to protect your home from potential water damage. Maybe you’re looking to add more square footage or an additional level to your home. Opting for a slab separation lift also allows you to utilize the existing slab under your house, giving you the perfect foundation for a basement or first level, or even a simple crawlspace if your plan is to elevate only a couple of feet off the original foundation.

Unlike other house lifts, your foundation stays on the ground while the rest of your home is lifted up. Choosing a slab separation lift is a great choice because it allows you to take advantage of your existing foundation instead of having to pour an entirely new one.

Additionally, this home elevation method is typically more cost effective than lifting your original slab off the ground. Instead of pouring a second slab, a slab separation lift usually involves building a wooden subfloor with treated joists and plates. This type of lift is also very stable. If you’ll be lifting your home more than eight feet off the ground, we recommend going this route. 

Are there Cons to Choosing a Slab Separation Lift?

Slab separation works best for houses or structures that have exposed wall studs and bottom plates. Because this type of lift separates the walls from the floor, there will be at least some damage to your walls, and if your walls are already finished, that’s one more thing you’ll have to account for once the lifting part of your project is complete.

However, slab separation lifts are cost effective and, depending on different factors, might be the only option for a structural lift. Be sure to explore your options when discussing plans with your lifting contractor.

In Conclusion

As you have probably imagined, lifting your home off the ground is a huge undertaking. When you’re deciding which route to take, be certain that the contractors you’ve chosen are reputable and safe, and you trust them with the job. Your house lifting contractors should make you feel at ease and answer your questions with transparency and with the authority of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

A slab separation lift might be a fantastic choice for your home. If you have any questions about slab separation lifts for your NJ, NC, SC, or WI home, feel free to reach out to the team at Devooght House Lifters.

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