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Structural Lifting for Historical Preservation

Old buildings give us a glimpse into history that not a lot of other sources can give us. They make the past come alive as we explore landmarks, walking in the same places where important events took place. DeVooght House Lifters agrees with State Agencies and community Historical Societies … We must preserve as many of these historic buildings as possible. At DeVooght, we do our part in historical preservation through structural lifting and structural relocation.

Lifting the Past

Many older buildings, especially buildings that exist on flood plains, were just not built high enough. Climate change means that flood waters have risen higher, and people in the distant past weren’t concerned about how their structures would hold up in the 21st century. The foundations on older buildings often aren’t high enough to accommodate today’s flood safety needs. Even worse, those old foundations are often cracked or crumbling. As a result, many historic homes and buildings face the risk of flooding. Structural lifting, however, can mitigate this problem. Our team can lift a historic building, repair or replace a foundation and then lower the structure onto its new base. If relocation is necessary, we can move the building to a location that will work better for its historical preservation.

Using the Utmost Care

In a historical preservation, the foundation won’t be the only thing that requires care. Older buildings are, by nature, more delicate and prone to disrepair than newer ones. Old age and exposure to the elements leave these buildings vulnerable. Furthermore, some structures were built with different, less sturdy materials than we use today. The lifting team at DeVooght understands that older structures need extra care. That’s why we take every precaution possible when lifting a historical structure.

What Happens Next

Once a building has been lifted or relocated, it exists almost exactly as it did before the move. The building itself will remain in its original condition because DeVooght will not disturb any of the building’s historic properties. The difference, of course, is that the building will be safe from flood water and the risks that come from a crumbling foundation. Our historical preservation ensures that many more generations to come will enjoy this slice of history.

Historical Preservation

DeVooght House Lifters has completed a number of historical preservation projects from moving wood-frame buildings to all-brick construction structures. If you enjoy history and want to keep it alive, we’d love to help you. Do you have an older building that needs to be protected from flooding and other risks? Or, perhaps you want to save a building from demolition? Get in touch with DeVooght House Lifters today to learn how we can help you.


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