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The Advantages of Moving a House

Why Relocating a House is an Excellent Choice

There are many reasons to explore moving a house. If a home is subject to dangers such as flooding, you can relocate it to a safer spot. Homes may be moved because they’re in the way of development, such as encroaching shopping centers or highways. Historic homes can be preserved even if the land is used for something else. Moving a home may also be a solution to something as simple as not liking the view or the neighbors.

Relocating a House

During a house relocation, the structure is disconnected from and lifted off the existing foundation and moved to a new plot of land … be it the lot next door, down the street, or even across town. The moved house is then set down on a newly built foundation. The utilities are reconnected and other finish work is completed. When done properly, the integrity of the house should not be affected.

House For Sale to be Moved to Your Lot

It is possible to find a home offered for sale that needs to be moved to a new piece of land.This scenario sometimes happens in building booms, when landowners want to build a bigger or new home on their property. Giving the previous home away saves the owner the cost of demolition. It’s also more environmentally friendly to recycle the old house instead of sending the many parts to a landfill.This is common on waterfront properties or on land that is being developed for commercial use or highway expansion. The new homeowner assumes the responsibility and costs to have the house relocated to a different piece of land.

Sell the Land

If you own the land on which your house stands but don’t want or need that land anymore, house relocation gives you the option to sell the land without selling the house. Most people think of home and land as a “package deal,” assuming that if they want to sell one they’ll have to sell the other. If you need to sell your land, whether it’s because of upkeep, finances, or the simple desire to sell, you don’t have to sell your house too. Instead, you can buy a new lot that meets your needs better than your current location and move your house to that spot.

Preserve History

Another reason to relocate a building is to preserve it for historic interest. A local Historical Society may get involved with saving a house or building because of its significance to the community. A homeowner may also want to move a structure that has historic significance to their family.

A professional structural mover can help you navigate through the decision-making process to see if structural relocation could work for you. House moving should be conducted by experienced professionals because they have the proper equipment, insurance and structural expertise to move the structure safely from point A to B.

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