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The Best Places to Buy a Beach House in North Carolina

Whether looking for a relaxing getaway from your nine-to-five, a retirement destination surrounded by beautiful golf courses, or an investment property for passive income, a North Carolina beach house is a perfect choice.

With gorgeous beaches lining the coast, the shoreline of the Tar Heel state has something for everyone: five-star restaurants and vibrant nightlife; quiet, secluded communities with amazing views; and towns dripping with a rich history. Keep reading to discover the best places to buy a beach house in North Carolina as well as important considerations and maintenance tips.

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach is the right spot if you are looking for a big city atmosphere with great investment opportunities. Less than half an hour from the growing city of Wilmington, Wrightsville beach provides easy access to many restaurants and activities without being in the heart of a tourist hub. In addition, Wrightsville Beach’s friendly atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for families with young children.

Beaufort, NC

Beaufort boasts beautiful beachfront properties with access to dining, shopping, and entertainment attractions. With its rich history, Beaufort has many museums and historical sites. In addition, the town has many biking trails, walking paths, and golf courses for those who enjoy recreational activities.

Emerald Isle, NC

Emerald Isle has various options for homeowners looking for a North Carolina beach house. Whether you are looking for a place on the water or want to plant yourself in a subdivision just a short drive from the shore, Emerald Isle has the options you want.

Mortgage rates here are historically lower than in other coastal properties, making it a more affordable destination for people in the market for a beach house. In addition, Emerald Isle has fun, family-friendly attractions, and great restaurants while maintaining a quiet, friendly atmosphere.

Hatteras Island, NC

Hatteras Island is an excellent option for those with an appreciation for history. The island is spotted with remnants of shipwrecks and small villages, and it is home to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Located on the Outer Banks, limited accessibility means the island sees fewer crowds and has a charming atmosphere.

Hatteras Island provides many opportunities for outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, and surfing. Ninety-eight percent of the shoreline remains undeveloped, so visitors and homeowners alike appreciate the natural beauty and scenery of the island.

What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Beach Home

We’ve explored the best places for buying a beach house along North Carolina’s shore. However, once you’ve decided on a property, you must understand how to take care of it.

Read on to learn our tips for maintaining your beach house so you (and others) can enjoy it for years.

Prepare for Wear and Tear

First, the environment and weather play a huge role in the wear and tear of the house and everything in it. For example, salt is corrosive; humidity can cause mold growth, and wind and water levels can affect the structural integrity of your house.

Use Building Materials Meant for Coastal Homes

If you’re building a new home, ensure your contractor uses appropriate materials for a beach house. The same goes for any renovations or upgrades. Materials should be specifically designed to withstand damage from salt, strong winds, and rust.

Weatherproof Your Beach House

Ensure windows and doors (including garage doors) are watertight and windproof. This is essential for all windows and doors facing the ocean.

Flood Damage Prevention

Lastly, and most importantly, proactively prevent flood damage and preserve your foundation by consulting with a structural lifting contractor.

Before buying, inspect the foundation to ensure there are no cracks or issues, and repeat this process regularly, especially after storms and flooding. In addition, you should ensure your home is at an appropriate height above flood levels to minimize strain on the foundation and protect your belongings.


North Carolina’s shoreline has options for every type of beach bum, whether you want a quiet, undisturbed oasis or a lively town with fun attractions and great food.

If you’re ready to buy a beach house, you must be prepared to care for it. When you take the necessary steps to maintain your North Carolina beach house, you ensure it will be a source of family fun or peaceful relaxation for many years. If you find the perfect beach house, but there are concerns about the foundation, or you want to protect your investment by raising the foundation, talk to the experts at DeVooght House Lifters today. Our team will ensure your home is safe, secure, and ready for you!

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