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What Do I Need to Know about Foundation Raising?

What is Foundation Raising?

Foundation raising is a repair method that typically addresses damaged home foundations. When you raise a foundation, you lift the house, remove the old foundation, and build a new one in its place. Foundation raising is an excellent way to save a house even if the foundation or supporting structure has incurred serious damage.

Foundation raising methods vary by contractor, but the result is typically the same. A foundation specialist will lift your home inch by inch, separating it from its foundation using jacks. Once your home is in the air, the next step is up to you and your contractor.

When Should You Consider Foundation Raising?

Homeowners might consider foundation raising for a few reasons. In some cases, the foundation needs significant repairs. In others, the homeowner wants the house relocated. Below we’ve listed a few of the common reasons homeowners consider raising their house’s foundation.

Moving a Historic Building

Every year, contractors lift and move historic buildings all across the United States. Utilizing foundation raising is a common way to save these important structures.

In many cases, moving a historic building is the only way to save it. When you decide to relocate an old home or building, your preservation team might decide it’s best to raise the foundation to see the project through. Your lifting contractor will jack up your house (never jack up your house yourself), and then they will transport the structure to its new home.

Once the house or building has arrived at its new property, your contractor will pour a new foundation, and the old home will rest on the new slab. 

Lifting Your Home above the Flood Zone

Many homeowners choose foundation lifting as a preemptive measure to protect their homes from flooding. Houses located on a flood plain or in areas that see flooding are at risk for future flood damage. Homeowners with properties that fit this description can choose foundation raising as one method for flood damage prevention.

To prevent flooding with a slab lift, you lift your home anywhere from several feet up to an entire story—or more. Your contracting team then secures your home on piers or with a new foundation above flood levels.

Adding a Basement

Foundation raising can also add significant value to your home. Many homeowners look for ways to add functional living or storage space in their house, and raising the foundation is one way to do just that.

For homeowners wanting to add a basement to their house, foundation raising is a practical solution. A foundation lift allows you to keep your home and still enjoy all a basement has to offer.

Keeping Your Home Out of Poor Soil Conditions

Unfortunately, the very soil your home is sitting on can damage its foundation. And if left untreated, your home can undergo even more serious and dangerous damage due to poor soil conditions. If your home’s slab rests on expansive or shifting soils, foundation raising might be a good option for you.

For a home sitting on shifting soil, a foundation lift does two things: it gets your slab off the problem soil, and it allows for contractors to repair any damage that’s already happened. Making repairs and taking your home’s foundation off the insecure ground prevents further foundation issues from cropping up in the future.

Benefits of Foundation Raising

As we’ve shown above, there are many reasons you might have to think about raising your home’s foundation. So, what are the benefits? Some can be measured, while some cannot. We’ll explain the benefits of foundation raising below.

Damage Prevention

Many homeowners choose to raise their foundation as a means of damage prevention. If your home is in a flood plain, choosing to lift your home’s foundation preemptively can not only save your home from flood damage, but you will also likely save thousands on flood insurance.

Added Value

Lifting your home’s foundation allows you to make repairs and add living space. This adds present value for you and your family, but it also adds monetary value should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Peace of Mind

Lastly and most importantly, foundation raising provides peace of mind. When your contractor raises your home for any of the above reasons, you can trust that professionals have lifted the slab and taken the proper steps to ensure your home’s foundation lasts for years and years.


Raising a foundation is no small task. Your team should have the equipment, knowledge, manpower, and experience to do the job safely and correctly the first time around.

When you choose a professional foundation-raising expert like DeVooght House Lifters, you can trust that your home—and its foundation—are in good hands.

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