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What to Consider When Purchasing a Beach House

Buying a beach house is a big decision, and there are many factors to consider to ensure you choose one that checks all of your boxes. To get the most out of your home buying experience, you will want to consider the property’s primary use and thoroughly evaluate the location, structural, weatherproof features, and style. Home buying of any kind can be an extremely rewarding investment, and coastal homes, in particular, can provide many sweet family memories for years to come.

This article from DeVooght House Lifters highlights what to consider when purchasing a beach house and how to choose a home that’s perfect for you.

Why Do You Want a Beach Home?

What is the purpose of owning a beach home? Your answer to this question will determine the location, square footage, and property type of the home you choose.

  • For those looking for an investment property, an inland property will be at lower risk of erosion and storm damage.
  • Those who plan to live on the coast full time or use it as a vacation home should consider the atmosphere of their community, including the tourism influx, what the nightlife is like, and how family-friendly the community is.
  • Families with young children may also want to consider school districts and kid-friendly areas, like parks.
  • Those moving to the beach because they enjoy the outdoors and being active may wish to choose the location based on access to bike trails, golf courses, water sports, etc.
  • Those looking for relaxation and leisure may want to look for somewhere with a private beach or access to swimming pools.

Regardless of your motivation for buying a beach house, your wants and needs, and your stage of life, owning a coastal property is a rewarding investment. Knowing your “why” helps you determine your “what” and “where” as you walk through the purchase process.

Check for Sturdy Construction and Quality Building Materials

Regardless of where the house is or what it is being used for, there are a few things that every home buyer should check for.

First, it is essential to ensure the house is sturdy. Specifically, ensure the foundation is in good shape with no significant cracks or water damage. All beach house building materials should be weather-resistant, decay-resistant, and made to withstand high winds. Your inspector should look for wood or rusty metal that could cause structural concerns.

A secure roof is another critical component of a beach home. Coastal areas receive high amounts of wind and rain, so ensuring your roof can withstand whatever storms batter your home is crucial.

Ensure Your Home Has All of the Necessary Safety Features

The next thing to consider when purchasing a beach house is its safety features. Storm windows and doors are critical in coastal homes to prevent significant damage and flooding. It is always a bonus if a place has amenities that can be added relatively quickly. An elevated foundation is another safety feature that lessens the risk of flood damage by raising the primary living areas above the average flood levels. This is a lengthy fix than simply replacing windows or doors, so buying a home that meets these standards is easier. However, if you find an otherwise perfect home, it is possible to get your home lifted or moved if you decide it is worth the time and expense.

Be Aware of Hidden Fees or Additional Costs

Buyers should also be aware of the hidden costs of buying a beach house. Insurance companies often charge higher rates due to the risk of storm damage. Flood insurance is not included in standard homeowners’ packages. Every coastal homeowner should purchase flood insurance separately as those damages will otherwise not be covered. Homeowners should also expect extra maintenance costs from wind, corrosive salt, and water that can cause building materials, vehicles, furniture, etc., to wear out faster. Lastly, home buyers should know about elevated living costs and possible HOA fees. These heavily depend on the area or neighborhood chosen, but you should consider these costs before signing on the dotted line.


Coastal living can be a beautiful experience. Whether looking for a long-distance investment property or a forever home to raise your family, the coast has options for everyone.

Before you start looking, it is important to ask yourself a few specific questions about what you want so you have a better idea of the location, size, and type of community that will work best for you. Knowing what to consider before you start the home search helps you enjoy the hunt for the beach home of your dreams.

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