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What You Need To Know About Climate Change and Rising Waters

Global warming is having a measurable effect on the water cycle. With climate change, the natural balance of water will eventually change, altering the amount, distribution, and quality of water. One of the obvious reasons is that a warmer climate causes more water evaporation which in turn causes changes in precipitation. With increased precipitation, we can expect an increase in flooding. Another dangerous effect of climate change is the rise in sea level, caused by melting ice at the poles. Here is what you can do in the face of climate change.

Be Proactive

Climate change is having major impacts on the water levels and precipitation. It is imperative that you are proactive and get prepared. If you live along coastlines, you will need to take certain measures even before the storms arrive. Flooding on the coastlines is already more common than it once was, and it’s only expected to increase in frequency. You need to know how to prepare for flooding. If you wait until after a storm hits, you will incur loss of property and insurance headaches.

Prepare Your Home

Preparing your home against a storm is the most important step. If you are a homeowner who lives in a flood-risk area, one of the best ways to protect your home is to elevate it. Elevating your home above the base flood level is recommended so that your belongings are protected and your home remains safe during a storm. Hire an experienced professional who understands the elevation process. An added advantage of home elevation is that it can reduce your home insurance premium. Therefore, it is a cost-effective way of protecting your home in the long run.

Create an Emergency Kit

If a hurricane or storm is expected in your area, it is practical to prepare an emergency kit. You can collect items such as drinking water, food, flashlights, first aid necessities, medications, and hygiene items in your emergency kit. Additionally, when you are preparing for a storm, it is also a good idea to protect all your important documents and keep extra cash with you.

Climate change is a reality that is now affecting the lives of people across the globe. If you live in a flood risk zone, you can prepare by elevating your home. DeVooght House Lifters is a family-owned and operated company, providing professional structural lifting services for more than 55 years. We offer our services at an affordable price and pride ourselves in excellent customer satisfaction. We will ensure safety and help you navigate the home elevation process. Contact us at 844-203-9912 for your structural lifting needs. ​

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