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5 Tips for Lifting or Moving a Steel Stud Home

Moving or lifting your steel stud home is no small task. In this article, we outline our top five tips to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Prepping for the Move

There’s a lot of prep work that must take place before you lift or relocate your steel stud home. A steel frame home lift isn’t done overnight. Working with your lifting contractor and your general contractor, you’ll need to develop a plan of action months out.

In addition to securing a plan for the day of your project, there are a few things that you’ll need to take care of in the days leading up to your lift or move:

  • Disconnect utilities – You’ll need to turn off electric, water, and gas sources to your home before the day of the move. Your general contractor can disconnect hoses and pipes to ensure they don’t break during the project.
  • Remove exterior furnishings – If your home has a porch, yard décor, or even trees close to the base of your home, you’ll need to make sure those elements are removed. All potential obstacles to your contractor’s equipment should be out of the way so there’s nothing impeding the commencement of your home’s lift or move.
  • Clear basement or crawlspace – All personal items should be cleared from your home’s crawlspace or basement before the lift.

Securing Permits

Before you lift or move your steel stud home, you’ll need to secure the appropriate construction permits. Every town or municipality will require different permits for a project of this nature. Before your contractor turns the key on any piece of equipment, you’ll want to make sure they’ve got their hands on your permits.

If you’re relocating your steel frame home, you’ll likely need additional permits, including permissions from utility companies –– if power lines need to be lifted–– or local government –– if roads need to be blocked. In most cases, your contractor will do this for you. Have a conversation to ensure all paperwork is secure as far in advance of your move as possible.

Planning Ahead

If you’re relocating your home to a different address, you’ll need to plan for a new foundation. As you plan your steel frame house move, make logistical and financial considerations for the new property.

When you work with DeVooght for your home’s lift or move, we outline costs and keep you informed every step of the way. As you seek out general contractors to take care of your new foundation, you will want to get multiple estimates of the cost of the construction that will need to take place with your project.

Even if you’re only raising your home a few inches, your contractor will need to secure your home and plan for foundation work. Plan ahead for the financial investment you can predict, as well as unforeseen costs that might crop up along the way.

Steel Studs Aren’t Forgiving

There are many benefits to building and living in a steel stud home. They’re fire-resistant, rot and termite resistant, and hold up to extreme weather. They’re notably more durable than wood-framed homes, and the steel beams don’t bend or warp as wood studs do.

But because of their durability and strength, steel studs can’t be shaved or altered like timber framing. Metal framing is true in its measurements, making it difficult to modify during a renovation or construction project. When you choose to lift or move your steel stud home, understand that renovations might be trickier due to the strength of metal beams.

Steel stud construction is rising in popularity for many reasons. But because of the additional effort and expertise required to make adjustments during renovations and construction, you need to be aware of the potential challenges you might face during your project.

Hire a Professional House Lifting Team

When it comes to your home, you don’t want to put it in just anyone’s hands. Lifting or moving your steel stud house requires immense planning, expertise, equipment, and wisdom that can only come with experience. DeVooght House Lifters has been leading the industry in home lifts and moves for decades, and you can trust your home in our hands.

DeVooght House Lifters brings integrity, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to every home project. We know how valuable your home is, which is why we make every effort to ensure a successful project, whether you’re lifting a few inches or a few feet –– or moving your home to a new property altogether.

If you’ve done any amount of research, you’ve likely come across house-lifting DIY content. We urge you to leave the home lifts to the professionals here at DeVooght. We have the know-how and manpower to execute your project safely, securely, and effectively.

We’ve been taking care of homes and homeowners for over 40 years. In that time, we have seen and done it all. You can trust the team at DeVooght to handle your house lift or relocation with the utmost care, professionalism, and safety for everyone involved.


Lifting or moving a steel stud home is a huge undertaking. But with a little prep-work and the seasoned professionals at DeVooght, you can have the peace of mind that your home is in the very best hands.

Contact our team today to get started on your steel stud home lift or relocation project today!

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