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How to Handle a Crumbling Foundation

A deteriorating or crumbling foundation can cause a lot of stress for a homeowner. Even on days when you ignore the problem, it still exists at the back of your mind. When it comes to your home, it’s usually better to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. A crumbling foundation can cause unsightly damage to your home, but more importantly, it can also be dangerous for all of the people living inside it. If you notice cracks on the in your foundation or see signs of water seepage, those cracks probably run a lot deeper than you’d like to think. They can wear down the structure of your home and put all of the occupants in an unsafe environment.

Why Is My Foundation Crumbling?

Foundations can deteriorate for several different reasons, but most of those reasons boil down to one word: water. Over time, water can sneak into cracks and perforations in the concrete, making those spaces larger and weaker. Large rain storms, especially ones that cause your basement to flood, can be dangerous to your foundation. During the winter, water in your foundation can freeze and thaw. As it does so, it expands and contracts, wearing down the concrete. During the summer, humidity or moisture can get into the foundation and cause damage.

However, water may not be the only culprit involved in your crumbling foundation. Sometimes aging concrete is the problem. If you have an older house, the concrete in your foundation may have been mixed during a time when concrete ingredients simply weren’t as strong as the ingredients we use today.

Signs of a Compromised Foundation

Sometimes you can tell fairly easily if you have a crumbling foundation on your hands. You’ll notice cracks in the visible parts of the foundation. Other signs are a bit less obvious. For instance, you probably have foundation problems if you see cracks above the foundation, too, especially if those cracks are on the outside of the house. You may also notice small sections of bricks tumbling out of place. If you’re having level problems that you’ve never had before, such as pictures that just won’t hang straight, your foundation may be crumbling.

Foundation Repair

If you have a crumbling foundation problem, the best thing that you can do is call a foundation repair company. A company that specializes in house lifting and leveling can raise your home off its foundation so that the team can fully correct the issue. This step can prevent future flooding that will lead to even more structural issues.

DeVooght House Lifters

If you have foundation problems in your home, allow the team at DeVooght House Lifters to help. Our highly trusted and dependable foundation repair company has been lifting homes safely for decades. We’ll treat your home with the utmost care. Get in touch with us now to get started.

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