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Pennsylvania House Lifting and Raising Services

Professionalism and innovation when it comes to saving homes in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania House Lifting

Lifting your home is no small feat, and when you’re looking for house lifters in Pennsylvania, you want a team with experience, integrity, and expertise. DeVooght House Lifters provides Pennsylvania homeowners with professional house lifting services honed by decades of experience.

Why Use DeVooght House Lifters?

The team at DeVooght House Lifters will successfully execute your house lift here in Pennsylvania, no matter where you’re located. There are many reasons you might choose to lift your home: flood damage prevention and to save money on your flood insurance, increased living space, and the list can go on. DeVooght House Lifters has over 45 years of experience and numerous industry awards to prove that they’ll complete your Pennsylvania house lift to your satisfaction the first time around.

The DeVooght lifting team offers their professional house lifting services across Pennsylvania. At DeVooght, the client’s needs come first. Your voice will be heard at every step of the process, and the lifting team makes sure you know the full plan for your Pennsylvania house lift. With a priority to serve the client, DeVooght House Lifters will provide you with an exceptional house lifting experience that exceeds your expectations.

Why Raise Your Pennsylvania Home?

Whether your home is historic and has seen generations of homeowners, or if your home is just a few years old, the Devooght team knows your home is one of your greatest assets. DeVooght House Lifters provides house lifting services all across the state so your home can stay dry when floodwaters come and so you can trust that your home—and everyone in it—will be safe.

Raising your Pennsylvania home can prevent flood damage and help you save on your flood insurance year after year. But that’s not the only reason to raise your home. Extra living space, a basement, and even functional crawlspaces make excellent additions to your home that boost its value. When you hire a professional Pennsylvania house lifter to take care of your home, you’re working now to prepare for the future. No matter where you’re located in Pennsylvania, the team at DeVooght will raise your house safely and securely.

  • Lift your PA house and replace the foundation
  • Move your PA house or an entire structure
  • Raise your PA house off its foundation
  • Raise your PA house onto pilings
  • Jack up your PA home
  • Elevate your PA house on a slab

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